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‘Chaotic’ is how Ben Affleck describes it when Jennifer Lopez is around

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck


‘Chaotic’ is how Ben Affleck describes it when Jennifer Lopez is around

Talking of his marriage to multihyphenate celebrity Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck described how “chaotic” it is to be in her company every time they go outside.

During a visit on Kevin Hart’s Peacock interview program, the Accountant actor talked about his life with JLo in the face of rumors of their “imminent” divorce.

He told of the hectic situation in Times Square when he and Lopez, along with their blended brood, were surrounded by fans and photographers.

Then Affleck recalled how his daughter had thought of the title “J-Lo Was My Stepmother” for her own autobiography.

Affleck stated of one of his two children he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, “My daughter is always throwing out titles to her autobiography.”

“We went somewhere with [Lopez] — I can’t remember because she’s so well-known and produces this — people love her and she truly symbolizes something significant to people. “Hey, I like your movie,” people say to me, and then they go, “AAAHHHH! J-LO!” You know what I mean, it’s incredible? More, he said.

I believe it was when we rolled into Times Square, Affleck said. As we got out of the car to get to the play, I said, “F— it, babe, we’re going to be late, we gotta walk a block and a half.” “Alright,” [Lopez] said, not saying anything. The s— was like f——‘ bananas when we left with her and the kids through Times Square.

My god, I thought. One big woman was smoking marijuana and sprinting backwards while shooting while shouting “J-LO!” She was wearing a complete purple skintight suit. Like a herald, that draws in everyone other and then the entire tourist contingent.

He continued by describing how his daughter came to him with a possible autobiography title, stating, “Then we’ve got our five kids, it’s me and Jen and what feels like hundreds of people, and they’re all screaming.”

“And my daughter just looks at me and says, ‘J-Lo Was My Stepmother,'” Affleck remarked. “I thought, that’s a nice title.”

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