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Malawi’s Vice President confirmed dead after jet crash in the jungle.

Malawi Plane Crash


Malawi’s Vice President confirmed dead after jet crash in the jungle.

President Lazarus Chakwera has announced that the wreckage of a plane carrying Malawi’s vice president has been discovered, with no survivors.

Saulos Chilima and nine other passengers were traveling within the country on Monday morning when their plane vanished from airport radars.

The plane, a military aircraft, was flying through terrible weather.
Soldiers had spent the night and early morning searching Chikangawa Forest for the jet.
In a news conference on Tuesday, President Chakwera stated that the Malawi Defence Force commander notified him that the search and rescue effort had been concluded and that the jet had been located.
Mr. Chakwera said he was “deeply saddened and sorry” to inform Malawians about the horrible event.
He stated the rescue squad discovered the plane fully wrecked.

The vice president and president are from opposing parties, but they formed an alliance for the 2020 elections.

Mr Chakwera praised Dr Chilima, describing him as “a good man,” “a devoted father,” and “a formidable vice president.”

“I consider it one of the great honours of my life to have had him as a deputy and as a counsellor,” he said.
Dr. Chilima, 51, was on his way to represent the government at the burial of former government minister Ralph Kasambara, who died four days earlier.

Former First Lady Shanil Dzimbiri was also on the flight, which departed Lilongwe on Monday morning.
It was supposed to arrive at the airport in the northern city of Mzuzu, but it was turned back due to poor visibility.
The president stated that the military is taking Dr. Chiima’s and the other victims’ remains to Lilongwe, and that burial arrangements will be announced shortly.
Dr. Chilima had been Malawi’s vice-president since 2014.
According to AFP, he was well-liked in Malawi, particularly among young people.
However, Dr. Chilima was arrested and charged in 2022 on charges that he accepted money in exchange for awarding government contracts.

He denied all misconduct.
Last month, the court withdrew the accusations without explaining why.
Dr. Chilima is survived by his wife, Mary, and their two children, Sean and Elizabeth.

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